Beginning Think Java

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The latest adventures in learning programming are lessons from O’REILLY’s series acquired in the most recent Humble Bundle Java Book Collection.

There are only 3 days left on the sale, but I’m assuming you’ll be able to find these books on Amazon or the like.


// Learned


Starts off with the OG of syntax starts, of course, Hello World!

What I gained from this is the fact that the name after public class matters. I went and copied the code, but changed the file name. Apparently, the filename is called in the intro line public class HelloWorld.

I edited it a bit to identify how to \n break without multiple println‘s.

Then we went to saying night-night forever.

Perhaps then counting down the minutes to something crucial maybe. My real takeaway from this was beginning to see just how languages are starting to correlate with one another through logic. For the last few months, I’ve been studying Python, and there is quite a bit of common sense crossover that helps with the speed of understanding a new language it seems.

Don’t forget to practice date formatting. All this crossover of languages and subtle differences I fear might cause quite a few slight syntax issues that may not be obvious at first. Practice, practice!

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