HTML5/CSS3: murach’s Approach

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The year was 1994-95 and we had just got our first easy access to the internet. I remember long nights, squinting at the text, and mysterious code back then. “How does this, make this?” My 10 and 11-year-old self mused. Ever since I’ve always played on the outskirts of HTML and it’s many advancements since. Perhaps you’d think I’d be good at it by now, but much like the guitar and a multitude of other instruments, an inconsistent passion doesn’t glean much if it’s not nurtured. Here we are again, this time, though, we focus!

Structure, structure, structure! For the most part, HTML is going to be one of the easiest syntaxes you can pick up. This is where we started, bare bones. This is a good metaphor though, bare bones because you want to think of HTML as your websites skeleton structure, later you add the muscle, CSS, and then the lifeblood, Javascript.

Of course, you need to start off by calling out to the world, Hello World! The syntax is the first picture with the output following. Barebones! If you don’t have a good foundation though, you don’t have anything.

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