murach’s T-SQL: Retrieve all the things!

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Database?! I had no idea what I was getting into with this one. Turns out, though, I like it! There is some serious power in the back-end development side of the industry and I do believe that is the field I want to put more of my effort into. Just remember: SELECT, FROM, WHERE, ORDER BY! And other things… but we didn’t get there, yet.

A lot of my notes above are testing and structure practice, there’s quite a bit of dependency on logic when it comes to SQL I found even early on. Being a very highlevel language that depends little on formatting, it is very forgiving if you’re logic is spot on. I found I quite enjoyed it even from the beginning. This language remains less than glamorous as it is mainly used for data retrieval so far, but I can see the potential.

A little more structured first exercise:

What I got from this exercise was getting down the basic structure or the syntax and there was some syntax that was a bit out of reach from what I knew at the time such as the ‘[ABCE]%’ took me some research to find! After you get it down it all just seems so obvious, though, so funny, mostly frustrating, though, ha!

The last bit was another Database called Guitar Shop.

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