HTML/CSS: Brains?

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Get your scuba suit on, deep dive! Well, maybe just a snorkeler, CSS enter stage left. A common meme about CSS is that it is the outgoing sexy to HTML’s homebody pajama. Okay, maybe that’s not a common meme, and I just made that up, but regardless. We started with a pre-configured CSS structure after making our CSS folders. They call it, “normalize.css,” apparently. Is good! I think? Just getting into all this after all. Below is just a snippet of the website an the CSS file.

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Apparently, normalize is a starter get goer, so some CSS basics for displaying web pages in multiple instances need not be worried out. It seems the more time goes by, the more programming’s goal is to automate, script, or AI everything around us. Increases productivity, that’s for sure. We kept going with our basicSiteStyled project. Below is the HTML we created for the site and the output with the normalize CSS stylesheet ref linked to it.

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All that is great and all, but I still didn’t understand what exactly we were doing here, only a general idea. I’m the type that wants to know what the heartbeat sounds like, how the hydraulic fluid flows, or how to unveil the magic of Oz. It’s not that I don’t want it to be magic, it is just that I would most definitely love to prove it is, that doesn’t frequently happen, though. By regularly I mean, well ever, unless you’re talking about quantum conversations, then well, “spooky action at a distance,” close enough! But I digress, let’s write our own!


Alright, hey, magic… poof’d! The goal for CSS? The goal is to take ALL the styling(muscle) out of the HTML(skeletons) and create Zombies… ha, yeah no. More like the h1, nav, a:links, a:visited, a:hover‘d, and a:focus‘d are like your calls(ligaments) to make your site breath, to live! Yeah, you’re Dr. Frankenstien, just don’t get a Tesla coil and lightning bolt your computer. Or do, only stream it so I can watch.

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Speaking of Zombies, check out that Zombie Ipsum, pretty fantastic. I found out that there are indeed dozens of types of ipsum out there. Oh, and ipsum is just random blocks of texts you can get at any length to test content in a page. I did learn to also make sure we are testing out code in a validator. This will help you learn how to nest, organize, and if there are any general errors, you’re having issues with. I use, per instructions of the instructor, W3C Markup Validation Service, seems to work!

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