Python: What the float?

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## Chapter 2


Progressing! Some more equation practice, well kind of, more like just a math problem, but it also incorporates learning about the difference between int and float, and some more user input.

A means to an end, or just an average beginning? Haha, yup, made myself laugh, take that. Get some info now!

Getting to the gritty now, knowledge is power, and if you know your base, you can keep them informed or ‘in the know.’ Now we can contact them! Let’s practice that formatting!

Well, nice to meet you, Mr. ‘.2f‘. I have to say that this formatting stuff has been needed in 99% of all my programs since, most definitely a good trick to get your head around for now when dealing with float returns. Hot dogs, anyone?

Why do the math when you can just make your own program to do the math for you from here on out. Now, to implement this into my Alexa, and now she can tell me all about the dogs, wait, she probably already can, “Alexa, import math?”

Well, well, well… got a bit more involved on this one. Financial programming can definitely be helpful to a lot of people. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather trust a pre-written formula than doing the math myself.

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