Python: The Leap

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Went for a leap! Practiced a bit more formatting design with this one. Division and modulo spectacular. Now there are a few mistakes as I look back on this one. Some redundant or unnecessary code, but it still worked!


What I found interesting about this one was really getting a handle on the modulo operator and it getting the remainder of a division problem and using it as a Boolean.

Speaking of modulo fun, Easter has an equation that was pretty tricky to get my head around.


Now there were a few exceptions we had to account for with this specific problem, the exception years of ’54, ’81, ’49’, and ’76 which apparently factor a week late on the Easter date.

Now the ultimo calculator type we were to build in a homework exercise was this thing called Zeller’s Congruence, which is an algorithm developed to calculate the day of the week. The formula for this is:


Taking into account:


This had to be put into code which I translated into the following:

This one really helped get your head around some more complex equations for algorithms using the Python syntax.


Programming is much more useful than creating a bunch of calculators, but I think getting your head around things like binary, algorithms, and learning how computers compute is invaluable to learning logic.

Two last calculators, we had to build were a distance converter and a converter that would convert some days into weeks and days.


Keeping the output basic, we are just focused on getting down the syntax.

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