#100DaysOfCode LIST_SIZE = 1


day = [0] * LIST_SIZE

Pretty sure, not sure, maybe, yeah I think I’ve cleared at least 100 days, but why not make it more formal! Day 1!


I’m still working on my A-Z Challenge for my other site, so maybe I can incorporate both challenges into one and get them both knocked out! Truth be told, not a day has gone by in months since I went back to school that I haven’t spent most my day deep into some code or another. I think the real magic trick here is making it all worthwhile in the end, but I digress: ready, set, go!


If I didn’t already have enough branches of my own personal endeavored repository already, let’s add another project! I started KhanAcademy’s tutorials because I’ve already done a ton of Math related lessons on there and love them and wanted to see how their coding stacks up.


Because you were like, “Prove it!”


Besides, there are not much better ways to kick off a coding challenge like their Hour of Code beginning tutorials. Super straightforward, even had my daughter do it earlier this year, I think the tutorials are a great icebreaker for kids, or anyone really.

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