#100DaysOfCode LIST_SIZE = 2


day = [0] * LIST_SIZE

I found out what a Gist was, and I immediately regretted it, but loved it, then loathed, but then loved again when I was done translating my code I’d posted into Gists. I do wish it reflected on my GitHub account for activity, but it doesn’t.

My Gists

Makes your code look so much cleaner when posting in this blog format and great for trying to keep track of it all. I’m glad there’s a search function on there but do wish you could use folders on the site without having to set up a local repository.

CodePen.io Profile

I also set up a Code Pen account, there is some fantastic stuff on there. There’s a React Roguelike recommended to modify and have fun with from the freeCodeCamp site which is part of the #100DaysOfCode.




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