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day = [0] * LIST_SIZE

Connections. What is this industry without some connections, confidence in controlling the imposter syndrome, and knowing the drive means more than anything? I would have to say, not much. There is a constant reminder that your network can mean everything, so today I made sure I had some more connections set up.

There is this: https://gitconnected.com/anmccbusiness When I set this up it hooks into my GitHub account. When connected it actually displays all my repository and gist progress, which is the exact thing I was looking for yesterday, progress!

GitConnected + Gist + GitHub

Frustrating day. Tried to take all the things I’d learned over the last few months to make a card dealing program and kept hitting walls. I tried to do it without looking anything up with the exception of my Python book I was using for the class, and I ended up making the classic work backward approach mistake.  I ran into a time limit, self-inflicted deadline but missed just the same, because I started with trying to accomplish it in more complicated code than necessary. What I tried to incorporate were functions first when there should have just been if’s and loops to get it work. Remember:

Working First > Optimization Second

Here’s the code we ended up with at the end without functions, and still unfinished. I have the first part of the program complete, just need to get it so the user can call for a discard and new card(s). Code:

Definitely, need to do more of this shut the internet off and try to barrel through a program without any crutches to speak of. I think this kind of thing will up my productivity and self-sufficiency quite a bit.

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