Python: to Table or Not to Table

*NOTICE Code Snippets cannot be seen on WordPress Reader, must be viewed on original site


Tables! Where would we be without a couple good ol’ tables? This one’s chilly. Had a chance to play with some more formatting and loops. Don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for a good loop.

The above code produces the output below:


If there’s one thing in life that’s constant it’s… CONSTANTS. Get it? Ha… haha, yeah here’s some code for that. =D

There was also some sentinel talk. You know, the Sentinel that forever was doomed to watch unmoving, with inaction, but forced to still observe. Oh no, not that one, just this one:

Fractional value. I really enjoyed getting to know about accumulators, and ranges implemented into a loop. There are so many different directions that you can take these concepts.

Who likes to calculate anyway? Seriously, though, these bite-sized programs are the part of a bigger picture that can produce a product. Here’s another table!


…and the code.

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