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Looking ahead to courses we are getting more in-depth in the likes of Visual Studio. Database and website integration, now things are getting interesting. This first one I watched a few videos to get a web form set up that would take a username and roll number and then implement that into a row in a table in the server. Pretty basic stuff, but it was interesting to see the beginnings of ASP.NET, or .NET, not sure the difference, yet, and some more C#.

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After I went ahead and played with the concept of Master Pages in Visual Studio. What this does is takes a Master page and refers back to it like a style sheet. You would use this as the default values in your web pages like navbars or things that never change from page to page; at least that is what I gathered.

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Nothing spectacular quite yet, but I can see the potential. These Master style pages are like your stylesheets, right to keep all these things separate, keep it clean!

The last thing that I was testing was validation for web forms. Such as, if an email is invalid, or a password or a field is left empty that’s not supposed to.

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